New to Vivaldi

A friend recommended I take a look at it.  I like what I see.  I’m from Fire Fox, also Pale Moon, Chrome for YouTube only, virtually never IE or Edge, rare occasions Opera.  This seems to combine the best of Chrome with some of the features from FF that I like, especially the File Edit menu.  I imported my bookmarks, saved logins and password easily, I see that one can’t change them from within Vivaldi as one can in FF or Pale Moon, at least not yet.  And using the Chrome extensions is nice though FF has more, of course, but still this is quite customizable which I also like.  I’ve been online more than 20 years, quite a few more and given my age (which was amusing to see set in the European format, not US, I thought at first you had it wrong!) I do like to make things my own.  I was able to add the extensions, including one I pay for easily.  I like this, quite a lot.  FF is moving away from the customization I like, Pale Moon isn’t but is such a resource hog that I don’t use it much.  Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m here, and hello to all of you.  :^) gene